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e-Bility™ BOOKSCAN, is the premier software solution for Retail, Wholesale, Distribution and e-Commerce. e-Bility is flexible, easy to use, yet has wide range of functions. e-Bility enables you to always keep track of stock, increase the efficiency of your business, save time, cut, costs and minimise errors.


e-Bility has 20+ targeted modules to suit any Bookseller or Book Distributor or Online Retailer. e-Bility is integrated with e-Web Commerce. Please read more about e-Bility, below.

In the past we automated some of the best brands in Australia and New Zealand

Angus & Robertson, Borders, Paperplus, Booktopia.

Now, we provide software services to award winning booksellers

Gleebooks, Unity Books, dillons, peribo, john reed, National gallery, state library, State Museum, Art Gallery and Universities.


e-Bility™ is a sophisticated and powerful business management system designed specifically for retail and distribution book selling, music and stationery. It has evolved over time to become the premier computerised management system for bookshops throughout Australia and New Zealand. The system has also found great support in Singapore. The purpose behind the development of e-Bility™ was to increase productivity savings, ensure efficient and reliable stock control, improve customer relations and services, and pave a way for accurate reporting. All this adds up to a system that gives managers fast and reliable information about all aspects of their business and assures that decisions are made on the basis of commercial facts and not suspicions, hunches or intuitions. The specific features of e-Bility™ are the ones that make it an outstanding software solution for retail bookshop management. Inventory control, point of sale, optional creditors and debtors accounting, special order tracking, enquiry system, layby management, report writing, ordering, receiving, and returning stock and customer database management are just some of the key features that define the characteristics of e-Bility™.

e-Bility has 20+ targeted modules to suit any Booksellers or Book Distributor or Online Retailer. Available modules are;


  •  Retail POS & Inventory Management
  • olesale & Distribution Management
  • e-Web Online Bookshop and Complete Web Site
  • Multi Store Head Office Operations
  • EDI – Pactstream Electronic Supplier Invoicing
  • BookData Web Interface
  • Title Page Web Interface
  • Global Books In Print Web Interface & Web API
  • MYOB Accounting Interface
  • EFTPOS Broadband to all Banks (AUS & NZ)
  • Stock take Scanner and Wireless PDA interface
  • e-Mail Marketing Management
  • Customer Rewards & Loyalty Program
  • Membership Management
  • Consignment (in & out) Management
  • Asset Management
  • Ticketing Management for Events
  • Build-In Accounts Receivable, Payable & GL
  • Build-In User & Operator Security Management
  • Build-In Report Writer
  • Social Media Marketing

e-Bility BOOKSCAN Features

Retail Bookseller Management System

e-Bility software comprises of complete Point Of Sale operation, Inventory Management, Marketing, Accounting, e-Commerce, Reporting and Security system to manage any type of retail operations.


Multi-Store Retail Bookseller Management System

Multiple stores can connect and share a centralized database to synchronize head office data across multi-store locations. Centralised reporting, purchasing, and receiving take the application of this software to a whole new level.


Wholesale Warehouse & Distribution Management

This module is designed for wholesaler & (Multi) warehouse operators. It has a sophisticated order entry module that also handles credits, approvals, consignment orders, pro forma invoices and quotations. Features include customer credit limits, small order surcharges and the ability to append credit, returns authorization, special orders, and pro formats so that re-keying is greatly reduced. Stock for backorders can be manually allocated globally. There are a picking slip control window and a fully integrated scan-pack packing process which will cause warehouse errors to reduce to almost zero.


Fully Integrated e-Commerce System (

Integrated website with e-Bility, allows for the exporting of customised product listings to a website (where a shopping cart is waiting to take orders). Orders placed on the website flow back through the program to be processed and dispatched without re-keying. Fully integrated eCommerce system to drive any Retail or Distribution businesses. Mobile friendly, modern eCommerce designs to choose from. Integrated with our Point of Sale and Inventory Management. Website:


Accounts Receivable

All stock invoiced to these customers have their balance recorded and payments can be easily entered upon receipt. The reporting at the end of each month can produce listings of payments, invoices, journals, and customer statements.


Accounts Payable

The creditor’s module is fully integrated with the goods inwards and returns modules. It can manage payments to suppliers. There are extensive creditor reports including purchases, payments, balances, journals, and payments due.


MYOB Interface

POS integrations with MYOB handles all financial reporting such as Trial Balance, Profit and Lost Accounts and Balance Sheet. It synchronises suppliers, customers, supplier & invoices to MYOB chart of accounts.



Customer management and Marketing encompasses features such as capturing customer details, mass mail out features and statistical reporting. For eMail Marketing visit Website:


Consignment Inwards

For businesses who receive the product on consignment from their suppliers. This allows for the fully automated managing (receiving, returning, purchasing) of the consignment goods.


Consignment Out

For businesses that wish to send products out on consignment. It allows the managing of outstanding consignment stock including allowing invoicing of consigning orders without re-keying.



Fully integrated Electronic Funds Transfer operation with all Major Banks in AUS & NZ



The modules allow managers to specify what areas of the program staff have access to. Staff uses a login and password to access the program. It also creates an audit trial report.



The ticketing module allows users setup events & venues. Create ’shows’ for those venues and then sell tickets to those shows. Features include the ability to make reservations, multi-show vouchers, ticket printing and different ticket level pricing. The module can also be used for conference room booking.



This module is designed for university bookshops and assists in calculating order quantities for textbooks used in school, college and university courses. It allows you to keep track of the following data:


  • Lecturers and the courses they teach
  • Textbooks and other materials used on the courses
  • Student numbers for these courses.


This module is primarily used to prepare book orders for schools. In partnerships with schools, users can prepare booklist (including stationery and school levies) as well as class lists. The module integrates with the ordering module to order in the extra stock. It also has a picking & packing module to prepare an order for delivery to schools or enable collection at the point of sale.


We work with industry partners to provide the best possible integrated solutions to Retail and Distribution.
















AUS Retail

Fair Pricing. Endless Growth.

Our price starts from A$ 100.00 per month. Here are the main reasons to consider e-Bility for Booksellers and Distributors.


Market leader since 1987


Run on Windows or Cloud


Omni Channel Marketing


Integrated Email Cloud


20+ Bookshop Retail Modules


Scale and Increase Profit


Integrated eCommerce


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David Gaunt

Managing Director - Gleeebooks, Sydney, Australia.

"We have been using e-Bility BOOKSCAN for the past 20+ years. Barcode Solutions have taken the classic simplicity and elegancece of the BOOKSCAN and made it in e-Bility with the same elegance, but all the functionality, flexibility and connectivity necessary for the complex modern bookshop environment."

Kim Pittar

Managing Director - Muirs, Gisborne, New Zealand.

"Barcode Solutions, provides an easy to use, very accurate sales and stock control system for our shop. After using a software in New Zealand for two years, we returned to an updated e-Bility to find the improvements made in that time greatly enhanced making e-Bility better than before."

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